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Video Interviews: 4 Ways to Use to Land Top Talent

This is a guest post by Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire, a video interview solution and AkkenCloud integration partner used by more than 2,000 companies across the globe. Connect with Spark Hire on Facebook and Twitter.


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video interviewing4 Ways to Use Video Interviews to Land Top Talent
Finding the right person for a job has never been easy. That’s why more companies have decided to adopt the latest technology into their screening and hiring process: video interview platforms. Video interviews and staffing firms go hand in hand — they help staffing and recruiting professionals place great talent for clients while saving time, money and energy.

How can the use of video interviews help you with your recruiting needs? Here are four ways to use video interviews to land more top talent than ever for clients:

Boost your social recruiting strategy

There’s no denying that video interviewing can make the staffing pro’s job a little easier. Unlike the phone or in-person interview, some video interview platforms offer the option to integrate video interviewing into your social recruiting strategy.

This is done by broadcasting the interview through invitation links via social media. These links take potential candidates directly to the video interview platform, where they can choose to participate in a one-way interview, at their convenience. Inviting people to interview for a position through social media sites helps to further expand your reach, and increase your candidate pool.

Connect personally with job candidates

Video interview has trumped the traditional phone screen by allowing staffing pros and clients to connect with job candidates on a much more personal level. With video interviews, you’re able to assess more than just an interviewee’s answers — you can see their body language, facial expressions and professionalism, giving you a better idea of whether or not they’re a good job and cultural fit.

Getting to know candidates better sooner can help staffing agents decide whether or not to bring candidates in for an in-person interview, if necessary. Additionally, video interviewing helps staffing and recruiting professionals make better decisions about which candidates to meet in-person, by fostering feedback on interviews early in the process. Instant feedback from team members or clients can save staffing pros precious time in the long run.

Coach candidates throughout the process

Maintain client satisfaction by supplying them with top-notch candidates. With video interviewing, you can help position job candidates to succeed. How, you ask? For starters, video interviews give candidates the ability to showcase their one-of-a-kind personality and professionalism on video — without the typical pressures associated with an in-person interview.

Staffing pros can coach candidates throughout the one-way interview process, by reviewing their answers and having them re-record, if necessary. By working with candidates during their initial interview, you’re ensuring that clients are seeing the most polished version of a candidate.

Expand the hiring borders

In order to find the right fit for a particular job, sometimes it’s necessary to expand the hiring borders. Video interviewing allows staffing pros to tap into the global talent pool in an effort to reach more qualified candidates. The opportunity to interview via video can attract international candidates as they can take part in the interview process without having to break the bank on travel expenses.

By expanding the talent pool to include candidates both near and far, staffing pros are more likely to find job candidates who not only meet the job’s requirements, but also fit within the client’s company culture. The bigger the talent pool, the more options staffing pros can offer their clients.

With the aid of video interviewing, the hiring process has become more enjoyable for staffing pros and job candidates alike. Video interviewing continues to help staffing firms find and place top talent, thus attracting and retaining the happiest of clients.

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