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3 Clever Ways to Boost the Brand Awareness of Your Staffing and Recruiting Business

Boosting brand awareness is something all staffing and recruiting businesses should strive to do. Without it, you can’t expect your business to make the splash it needs to get to the next level. However, customers have become more switched-on to what marketing is, and while some strategies may have worked in the past, they are not as effective now. Rather than follow the tried and tested, and now ineffective marketing methods, businesses should explore some subtle ideas to boost brand awareness and attract customers.

Customized Merchandise 

While customized merchandise, including personalized logo socks or water bottles, may seem like something that only the biggest brands use, any staffing and recruiting business can benefit from using them.

But even so, why are they considered subtle? The idea of your logo being everywhere doesn’t scream subtlety. However, while you may feel that your logo is prominent, other people are unlikely to notice it immediately. If you give away this merchandise as freebies during conventions and events, you can spread the word about who you are without needing to try too hard. People will see the logo and the name of your staffing and recruiting business, and even if they don’t need to use your business now, they might need it at some point.

Get Involved With Movements

Being involved with movements is a fantastic way to spread awareness of your staffing and recruiting brand while also demonstrating that you stand for something.

Social media has plenty of issues, but one thing that it is excellent for is helping to spread the word about a new movement. We have seen this with the Movember and Pride campaigns, among others. You can show your support and get involved with these social media movements whenever they arrive by posting a hashtag.

However, it’s essential to be genuine with these movements. Customers can usually work out when businesses are supporting causes for clout, so make sure to back up your support in ways they can see. While supporting causes is still considered a marketing tactic, showing that you care for something other than increasing sales will make people take notice, and they could be more interested in working with your staffing and recruiting brand in the future.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously 

The stuffy and uptight corporate appearance is long gone. Now, businesses want to appeal to customers by appearing more human. This means you can poke fun at competitors as well as yourself, showing you don’t take much too seriously.

There is a fine line, of course. You don’t want to appear too over-the-top when it comes to engaging with others, as you risk crossing the line that could be hard to recover from. Finding the balance, however, demonstrates a human touch that people can relate to, and this makes your business more appealing to consumers, clients, and customers from all over.

Boosting Success

Your business cannot expect to find the success that it needs without embracing updated ideas on how to market your brand. While some of these methods may not seem traditional, it is the fact they aren’t traditional that will engage your audience more effectively, giving your staffing and recruiting brand awareness the scope it needs to take your agency’s growth to the next level.

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