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How Software For Staffing Agencies is Evolving

software for staffing agencies

Nowadays, the software for staffing agencies has evolved beyond the basic idea of integrating a company’s workflow and managing everything from one centralized location. This is still a core function of the software, but it has begun to branch out in some exciting ways. In terms of staffing and recruiting, it can offer efficiencies not seen outside of search engines, until now. By utilizing mobile technologies, staffing software is breaking new ground in geolocation functionality. If you want to find out more about the tremendous innovations in staffing software solutions, please read on. 

Front Office 

The recruiting strategy was once initiated through recruiting campaigns that looked to encourage the right candidate to the company through outreach advertising, building relationships with colleges and universities, and setting up stalls at recruitment fairs. This model is still the way recruitment is done in many industries – that, and in-house promotion. Software for staffing agencies now uses a process called Inbound Talent Marketing to attract the staff best suited to your company that roles on offer. It follows the same model as inbound digital marketing to reduce costs and deliver better results. 

Middle Office 

Middle office management is often the engine room of a company, the place where day to day tasks are undertaken, and efficiency is a vital factor. Staffing software now goes beyond the essential functions of organization and task management to provide businesses with opportunities to save time and improve efficiency using better search functions and immediate retrieval of documents and data. It might not sound like much, but under pressure, these shortcuts and time-saving devices can make a world of difference.  

Back Office

Most traditional back-office staffing software is concerned with human resources and payroll. Any staffing software with a back-office function should have these areas covered. Increasing, however, more options are included to allow better access for employees and clients to the company services. Employee portals and customer portals now mean that job orders, assignments, invoices, and reviews can be instantly accessed by customers. For employees, the portal contains personal data and payroll information. 

Mobile Apps 

The progress doesn’t stop with in-house solutions. Staffing software now offers app-based technologies, such as AkkenClouds latest product Ultigigs, with a wide range of features to improve the functionality and processes for recruitment and employee management. Work processes can be automated and instantly accessed on the go – imagine the advantages of having regular round-the-clock communication options. For temporary staff, who may not have full-time access to the staffing software solution, they can log-hours, access job details, and report expenses. 

Reporting & Analytics 

The culture of optimization that originated with the search engine algorithm has proved so successful that it’s now mimicked by a range of other industries, including staffing software. Before staffing software was developed to provide a localized management system, it now does so much more. Staffing software will analyze your company’s data, as an algorithm does, and optimize it for better efficiency. Whether it’s staffing, recruiting, or payroll management, reporting, and analytics in the future. 

So now that you know the modern capabilities of software for staffing agencies, get in contact with us here to see a demo.


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