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5 Steps Your Agency Must Consider When Selecting New Staffing Software

Updating your staffing software is important because technology moves fast and if you are using outdated tools, the efficiency of your recruiting agency will suffer. It also makes it difficult to compete with your competitors if they are using the latest software and you are not.

However, implementing new staffing software is not always easy and it can lead to a lot of disruption if not handled properly. It is also important that you choose the right software so you can be sure that it is cost-effective and the business benefits from it. If you think that it’s time to make some staffing software upgrades, here are some important steps that you must follow.

Cost Analysis

Before you do anything, you need to do a cost analysis to make sure that the software is really worth the money. So many business owners get caught up in trends and spend lots of money on software that they don’t really need, and automation software is a prime example of this. Automation tools can be incredibly effective because they take time-consuming jobs and make them easy, so your employees have more time to work on more important things.

However, automation is only beneficial in certain areas of business where there is a heavy workload but business owners often make the mistake of thinking that automation software always equals improved productivity so it’s worth the cost, but that isn’t the case. Before implementing any new software, you need to consider how it will benefit the business and what the cost savings are. Unless the savings outweigh the cost of the staffing software, it’s not going to benefit your business.

Security Analysis

Implementing new software could leave vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity systems, and it’s important that you deal with any potential issues during the implementation process. Before you get started, have a cybersecurity analysis carried out so you can identify any potential issues. During the assessment, let the analyst know about your plans for implementing new software so they can make you aware of any security risks.

Reporting and Analytics

Using bad data is one of the main reasons companies fail. On the other hand, businesses that are fully data-driven operate on the basis of leveraging information into profitability.

AkkuReporting allows staffing and recruiting agencies to gain visibility and make better business decisions by arming their entire team with powerful data. The software will easily create comprehensive statistical visualization charts and analyze key data to help you make the best possible business decisions for your agency.


Implement Training Throughout The Process

It always takes time for employees to get to grips with new software, but you can ease the transition by providing training throughout the process. If you install the new software on a few computers and start training some key employees, you can then slowly roll it out to everybody else and provide training as you go. The benefit of having some employees trained already is that they can assist the rest of the team. If you don’t do this and you implement the new software throughout the business in one go, things will grind to a halt. Everybody will have to start from scratch and learn at the same time and productivity will suffer during that initial adjustment period.

Troubleshoot Issues

Once the new software is up and running, it is important that you have a good system for reporting and troubleshooting issues. There are always teething problems with new software and they can slow things down for your employees. However, if you deal with them quickly and efficiently, you should be able to iron out these problems easily.

It is vital that you follow these steps when implementing new staffing software so you can make the transition as easy and profitable as possible.

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