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4 Trends To Lookout For In The Staffing Industry In 2020


When you look at the recruiting industry, you will see that it is constantly evolving. The needs of the candidates and even the clients really do need to be taken into account by recruiters as this is the best way for them to stay relevant. 2019 showed a number of recruiting trends, and this has given us the chance to try and predict some of the trends that we could possibly be seeing in 2020.

1) Social Media Recruiting

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Social media is used by millions of people every single day. With so many candidates surfing platforms, it’s safe to say that social media recruiting is going to become huge in 2020. This is especially the case when you look at Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. The use of social media has helped to catapult various recruitment agencies into this modern era and the impact overall is truly undeniable. 2019 also saw a huge increase in recruiters using social media platforms to try and further their search for clients. Social media recruitment is especially useful when it comes to accessing passive candidates, or even those who are not actively seeking a role.

2) Improving the Candidate Experience

Over the last few years, recruitment agencies have started to take a much closer look at how they can improve the candidate experience as a whole. In this day and age, it’s not enough to try and attract young candidates. Instead, you need to work with them to make sure that every single step of their application is as comfortable as possible. Agencies have found that by focusing on the candidate experience, they can easily encourage positive reviews and even word of mouth promotion as well.

3) The Use of Mobile Recruiting

The use of tech in recruitment has really caught on when you look at how things have been over the last few years. 2019 really was no exception. A lot of agencies are now taking into account how job seekers are using their mobile devices and also how they are connecting with one another. By being more mobile-forward with their tactics, they have been able to experience more reach than ever before, and this certainly comes with its own benefits.

4) Video Recruitment is Growing

Video recruitment has become much more popular and it is also very prominent as well. Technology is propelling the recruitment industry more forward than ever before. Skype interviews have been conducted for quite some time now and recruiters often find them very valuable when trying to connect with their potential hire. This is really paving the way for new technology and it’s safe to say that it’s helping everyone. Potential candidates are able to ask questions in a more comfortable and relaxed environment, and employers can get more of a feel for the person who they are hiring as they can read their body language.

So there are various trends that we expect to see in 2020. It’ll be interesting to see which ones actually end up shaping the industry as a whole.

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