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Why Inbound Talent Marketing is More Important Than Ever

There is no denying that the recruitment landscape looks different today to how it did several years ago. The way that candidates seek out and research roles, plus the ways they apply for them, have changed.

For example, did you know that around 4 out of 5 candidates use social media as part of their job search? And almost half of all candidates conduct regular job searches on their mobile devices?

Image Source: geralt (Pixabay).

As you can appreciate, the way that your brand gets portrayed is vital to attracting the right talent for positions. Inbound talent marketing has always played a critical role in the recruitment process, but it’s more important than ever today. Here’s why:

1. COVID-19 lockdowns = more time spent online

Because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, there are significantly higher amounts of people going online searching for jobs. They are seeking employment through social media platforms as well as using the power of Google.

With that in mind, inbound talent marketing is crucial in today’s current health care crisis. There is a distinct need to make your brand more visible and attractive, whether you’re an employer or head an employment agency.

2. Unemployment numbers are increasing

Another unfortunate effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is many people are now without a job. Their employers may have made them redundant due to the collapse of their companies, for instance.

As the number of people without work is rising, so too is the number of candidates searching online for prospective jobs to apply for each day. If your company hasn’t paid much attention to its inbound talent marketing efforts, now is the time to do that.

3. Inbound talent marketing increases brand awareness

It doesn’t matter whether you’re actively seeking candidates for one position or dozens of roles. What does matter is how well prospective candidates can find out about the jobs that you are advertising.

Inbound talent marketing is the ideal way for companies like yours to promote their brands. The increased awareness will directly result in higher discoverability of job posts via Google, other search engines, and social media.

4. Simplified decision-making

It’s a well-known fact in the recruitment world that finding the right candidates for roles can be challenging. One of the advantages that inbound talent marketing offers is it helps to simplify the decision-making process.

Traditionally, recruiters would advertise roles and be solely in charge of deciding if candidates would make a good fit in a company’s culture. Today, inbound talent marketing empowers applicants to make that decision for themselves.

That’s because they will have learned a great deal about your company’s culture and values. Job seekers no longer want to work for a company; they want to work with it!

5. Traditional recruitment tactics aren’t effective

One final point to keep in mind is that the conventional recruitment tactics used by companies are no longer effective in today’s digital recruiting landscape.

Advertising in local newspapers, for example, assumes that your brand is likely to find the right candidates locally. But, 60% of job seekers use online job boards, and over half of all candidates learn of new roles through social networks.

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