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What Leaders Can Do to Keep Employees Motivated During Tough Times

Quarantine under COVID-19 has not been easy for any of us. As a leader in your company, your employees need you now more than ever to guide them through this unprecedented time.

As a leader within a business with an entire payroll to take care of, it can be hard to single a person out and spend some time focusing on them. But when the moment comes that an employee is struggling at work, or doesn’t feel motivated enough to continue, it’s necessary to ensure they’re feeling valued and driven towards the future. And that can be tough to envision right now for many people.

So, if you’re currently working with an employee whose heart just doesn’t seem to be in it, use the tips below to help them get back on their feet. Inspiring an employee can during a tough time can do a lot for your company, and right now, your staff is counting on you to deliver.

Keep Your Online Meetings Light

In a day full of Zoom calls, it’s easy to get right down to business and move past any of the comraderies that occur at the office. Take a moment or two to find out how your team is doing. Tell a joke or do something to help lighten the mood of the meeting. Otherwise, the repetitive nature of online meetings can become monotonous fast and productivity drops off.

Crazy dress day Friday, or virtual Taco Tuesday lunchtime using an order in app, etc, can be a good way to quickly make online meetings more enjoyable and relaxed in the online workplace, all in short order.

Recognize Their Good Work

Your employees need to know that you notice them. They need to know you’re aware of what they get up to throughout the day, and not just by spying on them to check they’re getting on properly! So, a quick word in the office about their amazing attitude recently, or even patting them on the back (metaphorically) when you pass them at the water cooler is essential for inspiration.

Of course, you could always rely on some corporate awards to hand out, to properly ensure an employee can take their symbol of recognition home with them. They’d love to have something to sit on a shelf somewhere within their own house, to constantly remind them of just how good they’ve been at their job. Not to mention awards like these are a lot cheaper to order and produce than you might think!

Be Upfront About Your Business Goals

Don’t hide things from your employees. If you want someone on your payroll to stay focused and driven towards your company goals, be upfront about what those goals are. Clue them in, make sure they know what they’re working for, and help them to feel much more like part of the long term vision of the company.

Business goals cannot be accomplished alone, after all, and your employees want to feel like their work actually means something for the future ahead. Keep this in mind the next time you hold a meeting for only the higher-ups!

Make Sure Your Benefits are Right

And finally, make sure your benefits package suits them well. Your employees aren’t just looking for a chance to make their career, or even just to get paid well while working for you – they want to know they’ll have paid vacation time, as well as health insurance they can rely on, as well as a few other perks around the office!

Inspiring an employee is always going to be an important part of being a leader. Make sure you always take into account just how driven a workforce can be when you value them not only when times are good, but ESPECIALLY when times are tough, like during COVID-19.

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