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5 Ways Staffing Firms Can Keep Their Client’s Data Secure

Data handling is big business nowadays, but it comes with a lot of risk and several significant laws. Knowing how to protect your client data is essential for staffing firms. 

Here are five ways to help staffing firms keep their client’s data secure.

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1. Technology

Having the right technology to manage your data is essential. You’ll need to install adequate anti-viral software and firewalls, as well as ensuring you run regular scans and updates. You’ll also have to ensure you’re registered as a data controller, which is an essential legal requirement for anyone handling data.

Another technological aspect to data security is backing up your data. Using a cloud is helpful, but you’ll want to be mindful of security. 

2. Hire an Expert

If you’re unsure whether your data protection system is adequate, consider hiring an expert. Many small firms offer data advice or IT support, or why not outsource your data management to another company? 

IT experts can help you clean-up broken data, set up the right software to protect existing data or back-up data storage. It’s well worth having experts to maintain your data management system on a day-to-day basis, rather than once in a while. 

3. Employee Training

One of the best ways staffing firms can keep client data safe is to train your employees and any new job candidates in basic data management skills, so they can back-up and store data securely as they go. They’ll also be better able to spot potential problems, errors, or security breaches. Senior staff can be trained to manage anti-viral software, updates, and back-ups, so you can rest assured that this is covered and not have to worry about it yourself.

4. Plan for the Worst

No matter what else you have in place to keep your clients’ data secure, you should always plan what to do when the worst happens. Make it a topic of discussion with your senior staff at your next meeting. It’s essential to have a company policy surrounding data breaches or loss of data, so you’ll know what to do if the worst does happen. It’s much more effective than trying to develop a plan in the middle of a crisis.

You’ll also want to talk to your business insurance provider to make sure they cover or assist you with data breaches. 

5. Legal Advice

Another excellent aspect of business insurance is legal advice. Legal advice is essential for any company that handles data, as if there is a breach or loss of data, it could be a matter for the courts. You don’t want your company left undefended or liable when they don’t have to be. Getting legal advice on managing your data effectively, securely, and legally is also crucial. 

For staffing firms, keeping client data secure isn’t difficult, and managing data effectively can be the difference in a significant legal crisis or not, so it’s something you want to operate well. Train your employees, create detailed plans for potential problems, and keep senior staff educated. 

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