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6 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Help Crush Their Client’s KPIs

Successful staffing agencies provide a variety of services that help their clients reach company goals. However, staffing Agencies should always be mindful of the KPIs and objectives set by their client to ensure they’re able to increase efficiency, decrease turnover rates, and maximize profit margins.

Throughout my years in staffing and recruiting, I’ve discovered that a successful company needs to have an aligned goal. Business leaders need to constantly be changing and improving processes based on their strategic goals. Asking yourself how well you’re meeting your clients’ objectives helps you stay focused on what’s most important. It also forces you to research ways for improvement within your organization to regularly improve KPIs.


Here are 6 ways you can make sure your staffing agency is delivering KPIs for your clients.

1) Become an expert on your client’s business

Understanding the industry is critical for any staffing agency that wants to build relationships with its clients. It helps them understand what skills are needed and how those needs change over time and who might need assistance in filling those roles when there’s an opening within the organization. This also allows them to anticipate future KPIs.

2) Increase the number of placements

Staffing Agencies should be actively working toward increasing the number of placements they’re making. This is a great way for them to show their clients that they’ve got their back and go above and beyond for them by ensuring there’s always someone in-house with the necessary skills to help them achieve their business goals and KPIs.

3) Find candidates faster

While it can take time to find the perfect candidate, getting off on the right foot will increase the likelihood that your client is satisfied with each placement you find for them. In addition, by establishing open lines of communication between both parties, understanding who needs what skill set, and what characteristics are desired within those roles, recruitment agencies can increase the speed at which they process potential hires.

4) Decrease turnover rates

Decreasing the turnover rate for clients is an essential function of a staffing agency. When a candidate is hired by the agency and placed in an open position, it’s up to the agency to ensure that roles are filled as efficiently as possible. With constant communication between both parties, by using technology to manage each placement and utilizing analytical support from company leaders, staffing agencies can increase their client’s retention rate.

5) Reduce cost per hire

Reducing the cost per hire is always on the mind of staffing agency’s KPIs. Costs can pile up when a candidate is hired and then quits, so it’s in an agency’s best interest to carefully screen each candidate for their client. The better the screening process, the more likely that agency will save potential candidates from wasting time during interviews only to be rejected by the client later.

6) Optimize internal processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness

Finding the best talent today takes a lot of time and effort. If you’re going to spend your precious resources on recruiting, you must find an easier way by selecting a staffing solution with efficiency, relationships, and speed at its core. After all, this is critical in helping small businesses like yours grow quickly while saving them valuable hours every week so they can focus more closely on what matters most: their customers!

When you need to find the best solution for your unique business, AkkenCloud is here. We take a consultative approach from start to finish and work with you step by step until we understand exactly what it takes to maximize efficiency in your workplace or home office environment and how much time and money are being wasted.

At AkkenCloud, we take a consultative approach to the process, working with you step-by-step to understand your business, processes, and goals. Finding the best solution for your unique business is not a straightforward task to take on alone. So let AkkenCloud do the heavy lifting and hit your KPIs every time!

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