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4 Strategic Ways To Market High-End Positions to Land Top Talent

The majority of businesses struggle to effectively market high-end positions. It can take months to find a person who is qualified and fits the needs of your company. This causes stress for business owners when they cannot keep up with current projects because of a lack of workforce. When filling an executive position, there is even more pressure to find someone who is qualified and will fit into the culture and make an immediate impact on the wellbeing of your organization. Top executives have many choices about where they want to work, so how you market your high-end positions to them will make or break your hiring campaigns.

market high-end positions

How can you successfully market high-end positions to land top talent on your executive team?

1. Market yourself, not the position

Make sure that when marketing your company and executive-level jobs, you are selling yourself first. This is very attractive to highly qualified candidates because they will want to know who they will be working for and their work environment. Market who you are as an organization and how it benefits employees rather than just saying something like “the job description fits this qualification” or “we have great opportunities for advancement.”

Market the lifestyle of working at your organization, talk about charity involvement, community service, industry trends, and current business news so that candidates feel that it would be a fulfilling place to work.

2. Differentiate Your Company

Your company is the place to be! You cannot miss out on this opportunity.

Job-seekers who have many opportunities and are looking for their next step in life need some encouragement from you that your company offers a more exciting future than any other option they may pursue. In addition, during recessions, your general style of job posting when people were desperate enough to take almost anything will no longer suffice now with so much competition everywhere.

A good way to approach this issue is one you’re likely familiar if – marketing goods or services successfully as it relates well into speaking about what sets your business apart from others outside of it too – What does ________ offer? This can easily be answered without thought because it’s an intrinsic part of pulling at anyone’s heartstrings by simply asking them to consider the question. Market this idea by saying ______________ offers a unique and beneficial culture with room for growth in a fast-paced, diverse team environment. Offer bold claims such as “Our benefits include _____, which is very limited among companies our size.”

Highlight your best feature or most novel aspect that separates you from everyone else. Those searching for what they don’t already know will be drawn in to learn more about it, but only if those differences truly stand out as distinct from other possibilities.

3. Create a strong employment brand

A great workplace and a strong employment brand are two sides of the same coin. As you’re working on one, the other will benefit as well. A successful employment branding includes being genuine, positive – employees must make their experiences “go viral,” just like how they would with any social media post or review site that best suits them. In addition, the company’s website can be used to display an authentic expression of its corporate culture; it should have information about all aspects of work-life to attract new hires and retain loyal ones too!

One way is by having video testimonials from current workers share what makes this place amazing for them, including flexible schedules, opportunities for growth & development, and some fun perks along the way.

4. Market High-End Positions By Securing Media Placements

One of the best ways to market your high-end positions is to use PR to get your company mentioned within articles written about companies that best practice how you do things. A PR placement can be almost like getting an award. It’s an endorsement from the media for the way your company does business. In addition, the credibility your company gains from media placements will make it easier to land top talented executives.

Placement in the media also gives your company exposure to new audiences each time it becomes a new publication. From the article, many times, there will be a hyperlink directed to your website. So future candidates can click through to your website and then to your career page.

This type of content marketing will likely go over well because people are always looking for ways to improve themselves professionally. How does your company market high-end positions? Tell us in the comments!

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