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An AkkenCloud Series: Overcoming Challenges to Staffing Software in the Cloud

HiResYou’ve been researching new solutions for your staffing or recruiting firm and the one obstacle that stands in your way is getting approval for a SaaS-based solution.

The trade publications and experts have been shouting from the rooftops that 2012 is when Cloud Computing gets real, yet you can’t seem to get past the few members of your organization that are still skeptical. Here are some tips to moving the decision forward:

Clarify the concerns. Make sure you understand the basis for concern in your organization. Are folks worried about security, access to updates or overall up-time? Ask your prospective vendor how they handle those concerns and request documentation and service plans that outline their support policy.

View it as a relationship, not just a technology decision. When choosing a software provider, it not only comes down to technology but to the long-term partnership and support that aids in the growth and success of your business. Be sure they support your company at every step to ensure you get up and running quickly, generate a quick ROI, empower your employees to be productive and your business more prosperous.

Price. The ever important “cost of doing business”. Will moving to a SaaS based solution save your organization money? Will it reduce administrative and IT costs? Conduct a cost/benefit analysis – it is important that you communicate the cloud’s long-term benefits, such as lower TCO, increased speed to market, and ability to free up energy from manual tasks. Once these benefits are clear, it may be easier to get overall approval.

As a True SaaS provider, we believe AkkenCloud™ software saves you money, both in the short-term and long-term. No one likes paying for software maintenance, upgrades or expensive servers. With AkkenCloud’s web-based solution, you don’t have to. Software-as-a-Service applications can cost less than installed software simply because there is no hardware or separate licenses to purchase, no servers to maintain, and no IT staff required to manage it. With True SaaS, not only do you get automatic updates, eliminating upgrade expenses and system down time, but all users are on the same version of software and always have the latest updates. Leading technology research firms estimate that two thirds of IT time and budgets are spent on maintaining infrastructure and updates. SaaS cuts those costs, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Let us know if we can help answer any of your questions, or get you the knowledge you need to address the challenges you may face as you explore SaaS solutions!

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