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The Industries Doing The Most Hiring During Covid-19

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The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has created havoc for businesses across the globe. National and regional restrictions have forced many companies to shut up shop, for good, and the ones that managed to hang on by the skin of their teeth are now facing the prospect of a glocal recession, which will mean many more victims in business. Companies were afraid to hire new staff.

When there are less than jobs to go around, well, it doesn’t take a scientist to work out what will happen. In March, the Department for Labor announced that unemployment claims increased by 33% – over 150,000 claims. All these people need jobs. 

But are there any jobs?

As a matter of fact, yes. While business has been hard hit in most sectors and industries, some have flourished and have to hire more staff to keep up with the demands placed upon them. Here, we will look at which industries have done the most hiring since the onset of COVID-19.

Grocery stores

It does not matter what happens. Everyone needs food. Not even the most prolific of doomsday preppers would have forecast the situation we are in now, and the most well-stocked cupboards begin to look bare after a couple of months. If anything, the need for groceries has increased since people have had to stay home.

While people would have grabbed breakfast and a coffee from the bagel shop on their commute to work and had lunch in the canteen, and perhaps eaten out for dinner, they are now finding themselves working from home and preparing and cooking meals. We saw mass school closures – children who would usually have lunch at school needed feeding, not to mention the snacks!

This increased need for grocery shopping has seen supermarkets take on staff, not just for customer-facing roles, but for delivery drivers, warehouse managers, supply chain logistics, and so on. Walmart saw the need to recruit 150,000 members of staff and cut its application process in half.

Tech support

Many people were asked to work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic’s height, and many organizations have seen the value in allowing its workforce to work remotely. However, while you could lean over and ask the guy at the desk next to you to sort out that minor niggling tech issue when you were at a physical workplace, you are now on your own. With that comes an increased need for technology support. Many people are used to having someone set everything up for them, and being able to call or talk to someone who can guide them through a setting up or troubleshooting process can be a lifesaver. 

Warehouse and fulfillment managers

With stores closed and people at home, the rate of online shopping has gone through the roof. Amazon Fresh has been a staple for many people, especially those who have had to self-isolate. There was also a trend in the pandemic’s earlier stages where people shared their Amazon wishlists on social media for gifting. This increased level of demand saw Amazon hire 100 000 workers for its warehouse and delivery operations.

It was not the only warehouse and fulfillment company that has had to take on extra staff to meet demand. Warehouses and online retailers have had to do it up and down the country.

Telecommunication software

Because of remote working increasing more than 40 percent in the last five years. Many organizations have transitioned fully to working from home for the foreseeable future. However, with this comes the need for telecommunication software for them to stay in touch. This means that telecommunication companies such as Zoom and Slack have really had to pick up and, well, pick up the slack. To do this, they have had to take on hundreds of employees in all sorts of roles.


Healthcare has never been so important as it is now. With almost 50% of Americans taking at least one prescription medicine, pharmacists play a key role in keeping the country healthy. With many doctors and hospitals overwhelmed with the pandemic, pharmacists have provided everyday health care and advice. This influx has meant that pharmaceutical companies such as CVS have had to take on 50,000 new employees.

When it comes to applying for work in this new and strange time, consider the different ways to apply your skills. Cab drivers can become home delivery drivers. Project managers can use their organizational and directive skills to manage a busy fulfillment center and so on.m

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