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Learn How To Use TikTok to Recruit Top Gen Z Candidates

TikTok is a  mobile video-sharing application that is extremely popular among young people. TikTok may not be the first social media channel may not be the first one that comes to mind to find and recruit candidates to fill your company’s openings. However, many recruiters now use TikTok to recruit talent and are finding success on the platform. Especially when going after Generation Z talent.

The video platform touts itself as a site where people can “make funny videos, easy captions, and short music videos to make your day happier.”

TikTok touts itself as the home for content from creators around the world—posting on TikTok lets you reach millions of users daily who come to watch karaoke singalongs, dance challenges, comedy skits, lip syncs, and everything in between!

Posting TikTok videos as job ads is a great way to let candidates know about positions at your company or in the industry you’re recruiting for, with an audience of more than 300 million users. Tikkout gathers all TikTok videos related to specific keywords like women’s empowerment and health and fitness, making it easy for recruiters looking for talent.

It’s also important to remember that when using TikTok for recruiting, it’s best to use videos related to your industry or job positions.

To post videos on tikkout, you first need to link tikkout with your TikTok account. I have tikkout linked to my TikTok account so that once I make a TikTok, it automatically goes there and can be found by recruiters looking for talent. When you are posting as an employer or recruiter, you are posting with your business name or company, which will increase the level of trust employers look for when using TikTok for recruiting job positions.

Tiktok videos have high visibility because they are always posted on popular social media sites like Facebook while still retaining their own unique identity compared to other platforms’ content (such as Instagram). Tiktok videos also engage viewers longer than any other platform due to those who post them frequently but thanks in part too – unlike many forms of advertisement.

TikTok videos perform very well on other social media channels. Who can forget Ocean Spray’s cranberry juice drinking, skateboarding, and Fleetwood Mac listening, Nathan Apodaca’s TikTok video that went mega-viral receiving over 150 million views across the internet? In addition, ocean Spray received record-breaking sales numbers after the video went viral. And Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams broke the streaming record some 43 years after the song was released.

Although TikTok videos can be about anything, the ones that combine a consumer’s personal experiences with the use of products or services tend to do well across social media networks (especially if they are humorous). When building your community on TikTok, it’s important to remember that TikTok video has a higher chance of going viral if the content captures something that tiktokers are already saying or talking about.

TikTok is not just a place to share your creative skills, and it is also an excellent platform for brands or companies to connect with their consumers in authentic ways.

Their userbase is very engaged and participatory in TikTok communities, which means they will be more likely to share TikTok videos with their friends. This is good for your company or brand. TikTok social media behavior when using TikTok to view content means they are more likely to click on links shared by users on the platform because they tend to be younger than most social media users, if you’re targeting this demographic, then TikTok may well help you reach out and recruit these people. If you do decide to try it out, let us know how you get on!

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