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How Staffing Agencies Can Cheat Time to Make More Placements

Nobody likes being caught in the weeds in their business due to overwhelming admin tasks that dominate their time. All recruiters would love to have more working hours in the day to get everything done. While there may not be the opportunity for more hours in the day, it is possible to make the most of what you do have. Here’s how to help you cheat time with to get more done and focus your time on getting job placements and keeping your clients happy.

Outsource Tasks

Outsourcing is a great way to cheat time because it enables you to pull additional resources that you may not have been able to do if it wasn’t something that existed. With outsourcing, it’s an opportunity to work with other individuals and businesses on tasks that are maybe taking up too much of your time or where you may need additional help with.

Sure you could probably hire more staff, but if the work that’s being done is only temporary, then you don’t want to be wasting your money on things that only maybe take a few hours per week or are specific to a project that is a one-off. Having to hire someone is a much bigger responsibility and one which not every business can do. Outsourcing works for any size business and can be a great way of getting more done and helping with delegating those tasks.

Go Mobile

Staffing agencies that have the systems in place to be able to run their full backend software from a mobile device are far more productive than those that are tethered to desks in the office. Consider using an app like our NearME, which allows users to see a list of candidates, contacts, and Companies that are in their proximity making it easier for salespeople to connect and meet with them.

The app provides full access to all records, including contacts, companies, candidates, job orders, opportunities, submissions and shortlists. Users can easily search and find all the latest associated activities to prepare for a meeting. They can enter details to add or update any record or any activity for follow-up – all while on the go.

Track Your Time

Being able to track your time is a wonderful thing, and there are plenty of task management platforms and time management services that can help. When you’re looking for systems to reduce production downtime, there’s a lot out there that can help. By tracking your time and that of your employees, you’re getting more of an understanding of how every minute and every hour is being utilized in the business. You can then work on making those changes and improvements within the organization.

Take Advantage Of Automation

Automation is something that is being actively used by many staffing agencies nowadays, and it’s the most effective way of cheating time. Automation is where you schedule something, and that doesn’t need you to be at a computer or mobile device in order to make it live. When automation is involved, it can make your working day a lot easier because you can let certain things run its course without having to monitor it. A good example of using automation is through social media scheduling. There is plenty that you could be doing as a business in order to schedule content and actively engaging with your customers on social media. One way of doing this is to use a platform where you can schedule all your content in for the week or month.

This means you can then sit back and relax as it churns out this content automatically and without further assistance from yourself. Look at what you can automate within the business and use it to your full advantage.

Cheating time in business is essential for staffing agencies now because it can get them ahead of the game and more importantly, ahead of the competition.

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