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5 of the Most Pressing Staffing Issues of 2022

Despite the economic downturn and job loss, new candidates expect higher pay in lower-skilled fields and flexible benefits that suit the work/life balance. Some of the most pressing staffing issues of 2022 are spurred on by world events, including:

  • Time being against you
  • Displaced workers
  • Higher salary expectations
  • Additional benefits 
  • Rapidly quitting staff

The complexities of hiring new employees are an art and a skill. Without proper hiring procedures and expert assistance, you could spend more than you have. However, you can get a jump on the competition by offering a slightly higher wage or any of the modern benefits expected.

Staffing issuesA Competitive Edge

Recruitment in the new year is somewhat different than it once was. The labor market is flooded with people who lost their jobs because of Coronavirus. Employers are looking to snatch them up. To successfully recruit a skilled worker this year, time is of the essence if you want a competitive edge. Advertising through job boards and newspapers takes time and costs money. Purpose-built recruitment software boosts productivity. 

The Impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 displaced many workers across critical sectors. For example, the hospitality industry lost almost 700,000 employees in the UK alone. This means there are millions of workers looking for a job. This also means you might have your work cut out for you when screening candidates. But talent acquisition needn’t be too challenging during a crisis. Finding the right candidate always takes time and resources. And the Covid-19 staffing crisis might not be as bad as it seems. The sudden loss of jobs means once unavailable talent is now within your grasp.

Economic Decimation

Conversely, current world events such as Covid-19, the recent war in Ukraine, and the global energy crisis mean you could be forced to pay more for a lower-skilled worker. In addition, the staff shortages throughout 2021 and into this year mean salaries are being pushed upward. And this could impact lower-paid sectors where employees are paid higher wages than usually expected. Additionally, immigrants and retirees make the workplace more competitive than ever, making the challenges of finding the right people for the job ever more complex. 

The Flexible Workplace

The world has adapted somewhat to the Covid-19 situation. The ever-increasing, rightly so, rights of a diverse population place restrictions on how working patterns are emerging. For example, many employees now feel they should work from home at least three times per week. At the same time, mothers have the right to baby facilities at work or highly flexible work hours for family commitments. These are commendable, but you must find a balance between the requirements of your business and the needs and rights of your employees.

Rapid Quitting

Through the turbulence and unpredictability of last year, job quitting reached record numbers in higher work, lower-paid sectors such as warehousing, social health care, and transportation. Historically, these sectors aren’t known for being the most accommodating regarding employees’ rights and benefits, despite the complex demands of the jobs. However, you can get ahead of the situation by offering 21st-century benefits to your new candidates, such as work from home incentives, remote work, and truly flexible working hours to be arranged.


Many people are out of work because of Coronavirus, but now you can get workers once out of reach. However, you may need to pay more for a lower-skilled worker, and your staff also expects flexible work hours. Offering these benefits will help you stay ahead of any staffing issues.

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