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Ways You Can Use Your Website to Attract Skilled Employees

Most potential candidates will Google your company before making a decision. Fortunately, you can use your website to attract skilled employees by offering specific information, such as:

  • A content strategy
  • Proper SEO
  • Company details
  • Available jobs
  • Methods of contact

Content and SEO will boost search results while introducing your team increases engagement. You can also offer jobs on a recruitment page or take inquiries via emails and forms.

Use Your Website to Attract Skilled EmployeesQuality Content

When it comes to modern sites and blogs, content is king. The sheer abundance of competitive material means you need to stand out among a sea of your peers. You do this with a content strategy for building a professional and reputable online presence. For example, your staffing agency can appeal to new clients with tips for using social media. Or you can appeal to new employees by writing about your workplace culture and what it means today. A blog is a highly effective means of attracting readers to your site who otherwise might miss your site entirely.

Streamlined SEO

Writing content is one thing, but getting it noticed is another. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the lifeblood of blog content. Without it, search engines like Google and Bing wouldn’t know how to rank your posts concerning queries by users. For example, without using relevant keywords in a post title and meta description, your beautifully-crafted article could go unseen forever. You can take advantage of SEO in a big way since 70% of SMBs don’t implement a strategy into their marketing. So, your agency will stand out more with the proper use of SEO.

The About Us Page

No matter your site’s content, it’s always helpful to write an “About Us” page. Whether you operate a blog, a business, or an online magazine, users like to know who they engage with. And the About Us page allows you to do this. For example, as a staffing agency, you can use the About Us page to introduce your hard-working team to the public. Here, you can detail what each member does, who they are, and their skills. An About Us page like this is a powerful method of attracting potential clients and people interested in working for you.

Recruitment Section

A recruitment campaign is challenging to implement. It takes time, money, and resources. While it’s always a good idea to use a professional staffing agency, you can help yourself immensely with a permanent recruitment section on your website. A recruitment section of your own will help prospective job seekers apply for open positions on your site. Many third-party recruitment consultants can help integrate an application interface into your existing site. From there, you can easily add details of available jobs tailor-made application forms and securely save details.

Contact Information

Of course, you might not have the necessary funds for an ongoing recruitment management system, and jobs might not be available all too often. However, it’s always helpful to include contact information for clients and candidates to get in touch with you. A telephone number is one idea, but your admin staff may answer job inquiries all day. Therefore, departmental email addresses and contact forms are a better choice. You can quickly implement contact forms into your WordPress site with plugins that securely take and store query data.

You need quality content to attract website visitors. SEO will help rank your content and attract more from Google. Including an About Us page helps users engage a little more. However, you should offer a recruitment section or at least an email or contact form for job applications.

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