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What is Back Office in Staffing and Recruiting?

The back office of a staffing company includes employees who provide administration and personnel support. These individuals do not typically have daily interactions with your clients. Back office in staffing functions includes record maintenance, settlements, clearances, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services.

Three sections typically break up the financial departments of a company:

  • The front office includes corporate finance and sales personnel.
  • The middle office addresses risk and IT resources.
  • Finally, the back office provides administrative, payment services, and support.

Key Insights

  • The back office contains nonclient-facing administration and support personnel.
  • Back-office functions incorporate record maintenance, settlements, clearances, accounting, regulatory compliance, and IT assistance.
  • The term “back office” was conceived when early companies designed their offices. Therefore the front portion comprised the associates who interact with customers. The back portion of the office enclosed associates who had no relations with customers.

back office in staffing

How the Back Office Works 

The back office can be considered part of a company responsible for providing all business functions related to its operations. Despite their seemingly invisible presence, back-office personnel offers essential tasks for the business. Therefore, the back office is a crucial part of any firm.

Operations are sometimes associated with job title classifications in the back office environment. Their roles allow and provision front-office personnel to achieve their client-facing responsibilities. However, the back office represents all jobs that do not directly develop revenue.

 The term “back office” arose when earlier institutions devised their offices. Therefore everything that was not in the front office was considered the back office. This division contained associates who did not interact with customers. Consequently, the back portion of the office included associates who had no interaction with customers, such as accounting clerks.

Example of Software for the Back Office in Staffing  

Today, most back-office positions are away from the company headquarters. In addition, many of these back offices are in cities where commercial leases are inexpensive, labor costs are low, and a good labor pool is available. 

Alternatively, many companies have chosen to outsource offshore back-office roles to reduce costs further. Technology has allowed many companies to enable remote-work arrangements, in which associates work from home. Benefits include rent savings and increased productivity. Additionally, remotely employing back-office staff will permit businesses to access talent in various places and lure a diverse pool of applicants.

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Some establishments propose motivations to employees and applicants who assume remote positions. For example, a financial services company that needs high-level accounting could present a $500-per-month housing subsidy to experienced CPAs to work from home. If it commands $1,000 per month to secure office space per individual, a housing subsidy of $500 per month will result in an overall savings of $6,000 per year. Thus, the cost savings can be noteworthy when utilizing many remote professionals.

Why Choose AkkenCloud for your Back Office Software? 

AkkenCloud is the most comprehensive, enterprise, cloud-based platform available for staffing and recruiting agencies. We built our software to streamline middle office workflows. Therefore, using the AkkenCloud platform, customers have observed increased efficiency, placements, and profitability. 

We are managing over 14.8 million candidates and 33,000 users within one forum. Therefore the size and success of AkkenCloud have provided our customers with daily growth.

Enterprise Accounting & Invoice Management

With AkkenCloud’s enterprise invoicing application, creating custom invoices for your client’s specific needs has never been easier. The unparalleled flexibility allows staffing and recruiting agencies to create unlimited custom invoice templates and quickly provides options to modify them based on client-specific requests. Additionally, while dynamically holding all billing information on file, the enterprise application allows users to generate hundreds of invoices within the platform quickly.

Commissions Management

Easily track your commission structures from simple to complex: track simple, straight commissions via managed roles. For more complex tiered commissions, AkkenCloud lets you quickly calculate the commissions, verify results, and distribute this information to executives, recruiters, and management.

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Run reports on your commissions painlessly and efficiently at the recruiter or management level. Depending on your commission, we have several accounts that can accommodate your needs.

Burden Management

Say farewell to desk calculators. Instead, calculate pay rates, bill rates, and margins in AkkenCloud directly from the Job Order; Burden rates are now included. By entering and tracking your pay and bill burdens, you have an accurate overview of your gross margin.

Human Resource Management

AkkenCloud is your system of record for all employee matters. Keep track of essential information. (assignment history, compensation, direct deposit information, benefits, and deductions)

Customer Portal

AkkenCloud’s Customer Self-Service portal (CSS) allows your clients to add job orders, view assignments, and manage their billing and invoices. As well as review and approve employee timesheets and set filters to run custom reports.

Payroll Programs

Staffing and recruiting agencies have specific payroll processing requirements. AkkenCloud offers a fully-integrated payroll solution, AkkuPay Payroll Services, along with multiple other in-house and outsourced payroll solutions suited to your unique business needs.

Employee Portal

Our Employee Self-Service portal (ESS) enables employees to log in and update an assortment of information on their own time. Within AkkenCloud, you have complete control over what your employees can access and edit when they log in. Receive instant notification when employees make any changes or requests. Be assured that designated sensitive information by default is set to view only for employees.

Time & Expense Management

AkkenCloud provides three ways to simplify payroll, reporting, and invoicing each week. (Timesheets, Time and Expense Import Tool (TAXI), and ESS/CSS)

Employee Onboarding

The Employee Onboarding (EOB) feature captures all your employees’ sensitive data, such as personal Human Resources information. Integrated with DocuSign, AkkenCloud’s EOB lets you track each step related to the documents, having been viewed, faxed, signed, completed, etc.

The Bottom Line

The back office responsibilities are time-exhausting endeavors. AkkenCloud’s Middle Office software helps preserve your time. Decreasing the time to complete day-to-day back office work will also help reduce your expenses. 

Whether you require time expense management, employee onboarding, or portal programs. AkkenCloud is here to help you. If you are having trouble finding the specific software of your dreams, don’t hesitate to contact us.

AkkenCloud offers the most comprehensive front, middle, and back office staffing software. With AkkuPay payroll for staffing agencies looking to increase efficiency, streamline operations, and grow revenue.

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