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The Secrets To Keeping Your Employees Productive

Every employer knows that happiness boosts productivity, but what makes employees happy? Over the years, priorities have changed, and today, people are looking for more than a decent wage. In this guide, we’ll explore how employers can take a few simple steps to make their employees more productive and content with their job.


If the Coronavirus crisis has taught us anything, it’s that being flexible is crucial for success and survival. Flexibility enables employees to have more control over their schedules and work towards a healthier work-life balance, but it can also be beneficial for employers. Businesses have had to adapt to having teams based at home in recent months.

Although this might not be ideal, there are silver linings. Remote working often reduces expenses and it can be advantageous for employees who have childcare commitments and those who would normally spend a significant amount of time and money on commuting. According to a 2018 study, over 50% of employees wished their employer would offer more flexible working arrangements. A 2016 survey also revealed that for 84% of working parents, flexibility is the number one priority when searching for jobs.

Working environment and wellbeing

The environment in which you work can have a significant impact on your mental health and job satisfaction levels. If you get on with your colleagues, you respect and admire the company culture and ethos, and you feel safe, respected, and valued, this makes all the difference. As an employer, you can introduce policies and procedures to create a welcoming, inclusive, diverse, harmonious workplace. Use work stations, software, and tools to facilitate collaborative working, encourage employees to get together outside of work from time to time, promote communication and openness and take the time to meet up with individuals on a one-to-one basis.

Provide opportunities for people to talk about ideas or share any concerns they have about their workload or the relationships they have with their colleagues, and listen. Take what your employees are saying to you on board and take action or implement changes if required. Health and wellbeing have become increasingly important for employees, especially younger team members. Companies that actively promote healthy living and provide help for employees are likely to be attractive to candidates seeking work.

Promoting a cause

Employees are increasingly aware of what businesses and companies stand for, and many are eager to work for a brand that supports a cause or champions a purpose. As an employer, you can make your company more appealing to customers and prospective employees and give back by working with charities, donating to good causes, and introducing initiatives to do good. Think about what matters most to you, and how you can make a difference. From environmental programs and schemes to support conservation to tackling poverty and providing opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, having a purpose means a lot to many employees.

The world of work has evolved, and many employees are now looking for more than a competitive salary. As a company owner, it’s beneficial to understand what makes employees happy to create a strong, productive team.

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